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Junior Dev Interview Questions

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    jen chan
Sailor Moon stumped and confused

Real interview questions that I've been asked


  • "Tell me about yourself."
  • "How did you get interested in a dev career?"
  • "Describe your ideal work environment"
  • "What are your favourite libraries?"
  • "Do you like dogs?"
  • "Why do you want to be a developer?"

Calibre Evaluators

  • "How do we know that you're not just seeing what's out there? What do you envision your role within our company in a few years?"
  • "What other offers have you received?"
  • "How much do you currently make?"
  • "How many years of experience do you have in __ ?"
  • "What do you mean by "conversational" in javascript?"
  • "Are you currently using Javascript on your job?"
  • "Why did you choose to learn x language?"
  • "What are your salary expectations?"
  • "Describe your ideal position."

Personality checks

  • 'What do you mean by wanting "growth"?'
  • "What would your previous manager say were your greatest strengths and weaknesses?"
  • "Would you be ok with 9–5 or being in the office most days during the week?"
  • "What kinds of things are you excited about from reading Medium/Reddit/Twitter?"
  • "Are there other tech or languages that you're interested in learning–not for work?"
  • "Why don't you like JSX?"
  • "What kind of code interviews have you done and how did you feel about them?"
  • "Would you learn .NET?"
  • "What are your personal goals right now?"

Technical Challenges

"This test is 3 hours and you can't use the internet. There are 3 documents you can refer to. The first task is a quiz that alerts the user when they're wrong, and skips to the next question when they're right. The second task is a Javascript debugging exercise with two errors that people often spend all their time on. I recommend you start with that for 15 minutes and come back to it when you've worked on the other two. The final task involves creating a responsive web page with 2 columns of text that stack on mobile, with a nav that collapses into a hamburger icon on mobile. Good luck."

"What is scope?"

"What is CSS specificity?"

"Does a parent scope have access to the child's scope?"

"How do you find the current url of a webpage within a script tag?"

"What are the different JS data types?"

"What is the difference between '==' and '==='?"

"How do you turn an array into a string?"

"Can you answer this using Object-oriented JS?"

"After you enter a URL into a search bar and hit render, describe what happens to cause a webpage to appear in the browser."

"In what order does HTML and CSS and JS hosted on the same server render?"

"What do you do to test for cross-browser compatibility?"

"How would you scaffold out an app?"

"What frameworks have you worked with?"

"Are you familiar with relational databases?"

"Are you open to learning .NET?"

"If you had an array of names, how would you find how many times a name recurs?"

"If you had a sentence in a string, how do you print any letter (uppercase or lowercase) with duplicates in the string?"

"If you had an infinite array of contiguous numbers and one suddenly went missing, how would you find it?"

"Find the sum of all prime numbers below n"

"Given the following conditions… write a function that returns the value of …"

"Recreate this reflective button only using CSS. Don't edit the markup or use JS"

"Describe how you would use CSS to animate both stars on each side of a word on a button to move to the respective ends of the button"

"What is the runtime you would be using to do that?"

"Make this menu bar responsive without using JQuery or internet access."

"How do you debug something that won't throw an error?"

"How do you improve performance using what you know?"

"What do you know about AWS?"

"What would you use Docker for?"

"What is the difference between a Docker file and a disk image?"

"What is a package.json file?"

"What is the difference between a dependency and a dev dependency?"