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Hastily Deploying a Node App on (Mac OS)

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    jen chan

This was so intimidating that I'm just recording what I did so I can remember. Thanks to Conan Lai @letmelol for onsite assistance and this Mopsled blog from 2015, which you should really read instead of my post which only details the terminal commands I used.

Getting started

(For more info See "NFSN Configuration" in Mopsled's post)

  1. Make a NearlyFreeSpeech account.
  2. Create a password
  3. Create a RSA key if you don't have one, run ssh-keygen, which generates a public and private key. You'll need the public one
  4. Go to Profile > Add SSH
  5. To copy your public key, run pbcopy < ~/.ssh/ in the terminal
  6. Paste your key into the input box, and click Add SSH Key

Preparing my app

My app is a Vue-cli with express server: At this point I had the front end in a different folder than the backend. Two different projects with two package.jsons!

  1. In my front-end project, compile the build into a /dist or /build folder with npm run build
  2. Copy and paste the folder into my server side project folder (express app)
  3. In my app.js, add app.use(express.static ('dist/')) to point the backend at my public directory

Optional: In package.json, I could add a script to run the app


(Also refer to Project Setup)

  1. ssh to my server to get in ssh username_websiteNickName>

  2. To "upload" all your files to the server, copy everything into home/protected/ by running:

    rsync -av ./

    ./ indicates "everything in this folder" as the local path, and is the remote path.

Alternately, I could use scp -r ./ username_websiteNickname@ssh.phx.

Remember to keep a space between local and destination paths.

Apparently rsync is really cool because it only updates what's changed/new in your files.

Make It Live

  1. See ["Configure Daemon" and "Configure Proxy"] on Mopsled's post(

In a total duhh moment I found that scheduled tasks are listed in the GUI. I went to Sites, and on the left hand side I found a sidebar listing "Scheduled Tasks" where the tls.setup task was listed, with a "Remove" button to the right hand side.