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A laundry list of things I never heard of from bootcamp

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    jen chan

These are not always necessarily useful on the job, but are somehow thrown around the industry. If you're someone who already knows HTML, CSS, and JS fundamentals, and are trying to get up to scratch like me... maybe you will find it useful. I also don't claim to know all the following areas and I lifted these from job posts, chats with peers and hearsay while in junior roles. Take it with a grain of salt.

Several years ago I drank the koolaid and did a bootcamp. I shopped around carefully and wanted to specialize in javascript, because I wanted to animate things in browser as an artist. As an overachiever up until that point, I believed there was no problem learning whatever I put my mind to. I was wrong, and despite my enthusiasm for the subject I just wasn't able to carry-over any intermediate information to make logical conclusions. My teacher was able to pick up that I had ADHD (which upon seeking subsequent treatment for, has helped me also cope with mounting responsibilities etc)

Aditya Y. Bhargava's "Grokking Algorithms" has been particularly helpful in learning the first four concepts.

If anyone has anything else to add or wants to correct my assumptions of what's fundamental to a dev gig, feel free to add!

  • Binary Trees

  • Sorting algorithms/methods

  • Whiteboarding

  • Big-O notation

  • Gitlab and Git Flow

  • BEM and modular CSS

  • Javascript patterns

  • Functional Programming

  • State management

  • Unit Testing

  • Test Driven Development

  • Style Guides

  • Virtual machines and containerization

  • Web sockets/Web hooks

"Nice to haves":

  • GraphQL

  • D3.js or WebGL

  • Deployment experience with Amazon Web Services